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CMol has a wide range of capabilities which can be explored in detail in the Documentation section under Support. The introductory price will be maintained until the next full version upgrade which will include new features at no extra cost to existing customers.

In brief, CMol enables the user to create and store selections within a molecule, filtered by chain, element, residue etc. A multiple number of filters can be applied to the same selection.

There is a wide range of colours available with which the user may colour a selection, and five representations: ball and stick, spheres, ribbon, cartoon and sticks only. These representations and colours can be limited in scope to the atoms specified by a selection, thus giving the user control over how the molecule is rendered. Setting the level of transparency of the selection is also supported.

On the iPad version, there is the ability to pick residues from the viewport, and turn them into selections.

CMol supports slabbing, that is, changing the near and far clipping planes to determine how much background protein is visible. This is useful to unclutter the screen and concentrate just on the area of the structure that is of primary interest.

Detailed documentation available within the app and on the website (under Support) means that the user will always have something to refer to. Personalised support is also available by emailing