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Documentation for CMol

Options menu

The options menu is the root menu of the app. It is presented first on the iPad in landscape mode, and on the iPhone after an double-tap.

iPad menu

iPhone menu

1. Load PDB file: this leads to the load PDB menu. This is used for loading PDB files you have downloaded and downloading those for which you know the Structure Id.

2. Search for PDB files: this leads to the search menu and is used to search the protein database for new molecules to add to your collection under the Load PDB Menu.

3. Selections: the Selections menu is where you can change the representation, colour and transparency of sections of the loaded molecule.

4. Slabbing: this menu defines the near and far clipping planes and is used to limit the view on very large molecules. The clipping planes define the closest and furthest atoms you can see.

5. Settings: the Settings menu allows you to change the background colour and scaling of atoms and spheres.

6. Documentation: the Documentation menu has tutorials and menu references for CMol.

7. On the iPhone there is a blue "Done" button in the top right corner. This will dismiss the menu and return to the display.