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Documentation for CMol

Settings menu

The settings menu is used for changing some of the global properties of CMol.

iPad menu

iPhone menu

1. The first three sliders affect the red, green and blue components of the background colour of the molecule display.

2. The displayed sizes of atoms (as seen in ball and stick representation) and spheres are adjustable using the next two sliders. These values are accessed during the loading of a molecule and will only take effect when the molecule is reloaded.

3. The sliders under the 'Camera' settings will affect the FoV (field of view, i.e. aperture), the amount of fog in the display (which acts as a depth cue), and the inertia of the molecule (molecules with high inertia will stop spinning very slowly after being rotated).

4. The initial rendering determines the default rendering used when a new molecule has been loaded.